A very simple idea popped into my head yesterday, so simple that I was able to make a prototype in time for this evening’s Cambridge Playtest meetup. It would be a quick 2 player dice game where players are trying to quickly build a spaceship out of their dice, rerolling as many dice as often as they want. The catch is that once a player is happy with their spaceship (they don’t even have to use all their dice) they shout out ‘Warp Speed’ (or something of that nature) – and then the other player must stop building their spaceship immediately.

The spaceships then battle, with players able to arm their vessel with lasers and seeker missiles (and shielding to defend against these attacks). Players have two objectives – one is to shoot the other ship out of the sky with their aforementioned weapons (in which case that player loses a dice permanently), or they are trying to collect a full set of ‘alien artefacts’, of which 2 are placed in the middle of the table each round (there are 6 different colours). Players need to have tractor beams on their ship in order to retrieve the artefacts, and enough shielding that they don’t get destroyed before they get to use them! In addition, players also need reactors with enough energy to power all the parts on their ship, with more powerful parts consuming more energy.

A round ends once one player’s ship is destroyed, or each player has used all their parts. Then a new round begins. A player wins once they have reduced their opponent to fewer than 3 dice (each player starts with 6), or they have collected one artefact of each colour.

I’ll be interested to see how it plays out, especially the real-time nature of the game. Even if it ends up a bit broken, at least it should be fun!