Snowdonia: Trans-Australian Railway

Snowdonia-cover-ausExpansion to Snowdonia, published in 2015 by Surprised Stare Games. It also comes with a copy of a previous expansion, The Daffodil Line designed by Tony Boydell.

I was inspired to design a Snowdonia expansion after playtesting Sebastian Bleasdale’s scenario (which would go on to be published as the Nuehauser Bockerlbahn expansion), and also from my knowledge of the Indian Pacific railway line, which today runs across the entire continent of Australia (and starts from my home town of Sydney!). On the desert continent, the players are introduced to a new scarce resource: water, which influences the game in a number of ways. It can flood your stations, making them worthless, it is needed to allow you to lay track and excavate during droughts, and is used to run some new extra-powerful trains!