Day 21: Photographs


Today’s game idea was a suggestion from my girlfriend, Terezie, who not only puts up playing many of my unfinished prototypes, but is also a very talented photographer! The core of the idea is...


Day 20: DOTA the Boardgame


Continuing with my run of digitally-inspired ideas, I was thinking a lot about how you could distil the experience of the popular DOTA-style games into a tabletop version, and whether it was even possible....


Day 19: Cut the Cake


I remember growing up with two brothers, it was always important that food be shared around fairly (at least, to us!). For example, when dividing a cake, the person who was cutting would always...


Day 18: Ice Age

One of the interesting parts of tile-laying games is the way that landscape gets built up over time, and how the players can contribute to this formation. Also, the number of different possible layouts...


Day 16: Xidit Trick Taking

Today’s mechanic is inspired by the scoring condition from the upcoming Lords of Xidit, itself a reimplementation of an older game Himalaya. In the game, players are gaining influence in various areas, and at...


Day 15: Indie Game Development

I recently came across an interesting iOS and Android game, Game Dev Story, which is a simulation-style game where you are managing a small company trying to make it big releasing the best new...


Day 14: A Long and Winding Road

Today’s post has begun with some meandering thoughts I’ve been having while waiting for my flight to board back to the UK. I really like the path travelling mechanism seen in games such as...


Day 13: Meeple Flicking

I must admit that I’m not much of a dexterity games fan, but I recently had the pleasure of buying my first such game, JamSumo by Gavin Birnbaum of Cubiko Games. This is a...


Day 12: Parity

With my science background, I am sometimes intrigued by different mathematical concepts and how they might fit into a game. Today I am looking at one of these ideas, that of parity. For those...