Day 31: Moving Puzzle


I’m writing this after a long few days moving house, and without a lot of inspiration – so how about a moving house game? +++++ Day 31: Moving House Each player is trying to...


Day 30: River Crossing


I’m always surprised how my ideas can arise from the most mundane of situations. At the moment, I am moving house and in the process of moving a lot of boxes and stuff back...


Day 29: Patterns


Today’s idea came from reading about a game design competition run by Marbles the Brain Store, who are looking for a 1-2 player game centred around the idea of patterns. You can see more...


Day 28: Eiffel Tower Party Game


Today I got to climb up the Eiffel Tower – an amazing experience, especially given the superb views you get of Paris. While there were a lot of crowds, and some waiting in queues...


Day 27: Castle Labyrinths


Today’s visit to the beautiful Chateau Fontainebleau south of Paris, and especially its expansive gardens, have provided the tangential inspiration for today’s idea. In essence the game is mechanical mix of Tsuro and slightly...


Day 25: Bells of Notre Dame


A very quick idea – from Paris! I arrived here just this afternoon, and will be trying to post some quick French-related game thoughts. +++++ Day 25: Bells of Notre Dame The players represent...


Day 24: From the Belly of a Whale


One of the reasons I started this series was that it hopefully allows me to brainstorm games that are outside of the types I would usually design. Sometimes when you’re trying to design more...


Day 23: City Council


I must admit that a lot of my game ideas involve hidden and simultaneously revealed information to some extent, it is such an interesting method of interaction in many games. Today’s idea sees players...


Day 22: Candy Crush


I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of various re-implementations for different digital games. Today the game of choice was Candy Crush, and its numerous relatives – essentially games where each turn you...