Day 51: Bake Off


I just got home after watching the Great British Bake Off, and thought that it could be quite a nice theme to try in a game, but maybe in a slightly different type of...


Day 50: Milestones!!


Well, I made it to 50 days of ideas! It has been a pretty tough stretch over the past two weeks, between travelling, flying, attending conferences and Gencon, and I have seen the quality...


Day 49: Books and Jetlag


This post is actually a little late – I missed yesterday’s deadline due to a mix of exhaustion, jetlag and my website being down for some inexplicable reason (sorry about this). So today I...


Day 48: Gencon Game Part 6

I’m writing yet another post while waiting at the airport, this time after a very long (but rewarding!) time at Gencon. It was my first year, and an incredible experience. In honour of the...


Day 47: Gencon Game Part 5

Need sleep…so badly. Must write game idea first… +++++ Day 47: Gencon Game Part 5 This is a very quick idea for a dice stacking game. There is a pool of identical dice that...


Day 46: Gencon Game Part 4

It’s been a pretty hectic day here, so only a very short post today, inspired by some conversations with other designers! +++++ Day 46: Gencon Game Part 4 Essentially an action selection game. At...


Day 45: Gencon Game Part 3

I’m sitting on the floor trying to charge my phone after a long day at the fair. It was amazing, but exhausting! Also got to try some new games, most notably Five Tribes, the...


Day 44: Gencon Game Part 2

So, I have finally arrived at Gencon!! I started with an early flight from Montreal to Toronto, and who should I meet when I got the gate at Toronto – Rodney Smith of Watch...


Day 43: Gencon Game


Its the last night of the conference, and tomorrow I am heading to Indiannapolis to Gencon! I know things with the Game a Day series have been a bit haphazard lately, but I am...


Day 42: Festival Games


My brothers and I are in the process of developing a concept that we hope to bring to a festival in Australia next year. Given that between us, we have a game designer, a...