Day 61: Feasts!

Yesterday was quite an amazing day at the wedding, and consequently I didn’t quite have time to post yesterday’s idea, apologies! Today will be another two idea day then. The first idea is a...


Day 60: Wedding Dice

I’m on the road again, this time heading to Oxford for the wedding of one of my friends tomorrow. So, there is no better time to think of a game for a wedding! +++++...


Day 59: Many Hands


Sorry for the late post again – fellowship applications are due in approximately 38 minutes, so I was up late getting the last touches done. This first post is just a small thematic idea,...


Day 58: Wits End


I’ve still been writing applications for fellowships all day, so I really haven’t had much time to think of many game ideas, unfortunately. Only two more days and I will be free of all...


Day 57: Numerical Cockroaches


I really like the game Kakerlakenpoker (Cockroach Poker) for how it delivers such a fun and direct game about bluffing. I especially like how you are personally challenging the other players to call your...


Day 56: Shared Micro World


Tonight’s idea is inspired from this evening’s excellent Boardgamehour discussion (check it out on Twitter, every Monday night 7pm GMT). This week’s theme was microgames, and one the questions was specifically talking about what...


Day 54: Buy or Wait?


Today’s inspiration is directly from my friend Sebastian Bleasdale (of Keyflower fame) and his newest published game, Black Fleet from Space Cowboys. The goal of the game is to save enough money to be...


Day 53: Mancala Card Game


Fresh off playing Five Tribes at Gencon last week and loving it, I’ve had mancala on my mind again. I had previously worked a little on a microgame version here, but this time I...


Day 52: Dice Buildings


A little while ago I wrote about a dice game where you would be stacking the dice on top of each other, and taking actions based on the height of the stack. Today’s idea...