Day 71: Flavour Combinations


I’m just back from a night of playtesting at the weekly Cambridge Playtest meetup – managed to get in plays of a couple of games I am hoping to show to publishers at Essen,...


Day 70: Odds and Evens


Today’s idea is a very small mechanic that is a variation of open drafting of resources, where you are picking from groups of similar objects. I seem to keep making games that use different...


Day 69: Mad Scientists


Sometimes my game ideas start with a particular component or aesthetic, rather than a theme or a mechanism. Tzolkin, for example, could be an example of a game where the components really are the...


Day 68: Dice Villages


The second idea for today came to me when I was walking home from the station, mainly as a new spin on an existing design I have with Brett Gilbert. It is called Villages currently...


Day 67: Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Once again, today will be a double idea day, as I was playtesting late into the night yesterday, and subsequently didn’t get an idea down. So the first game for today is inspired by...


Day 66: Emergent Alliances

3d network team color

I came across a scientific paper today on Twitter which described different ways the Rock-Paper-Scissors cycle is found in different systems in the real world. One of these is that of several different species...


Day 65: Winds of Change


Today’s idea is more of a design philosophy, a new direction for games. It was inspired by some comments by Patrick Brennan on the Opinionated Gamers Top 1000 project, which was reflecting on some...


Day 64: Disordered Tiles


Some ideas certainly arise from my day job – science – and being at a conference over the past few days has certainly seen some ideas born of the new ideas I have been...


Day 63: Modular Vehicles


First evening at a conference in Durham, so a small thematic/mechnical idea tonight. Mainly inspired for my love of special powers and Euros. +++++ Day 63: Modular Vehicles The theme would be this insane...


Day 62: Wandering workers in Istanbul


Today’s second idea is based on a variation of the assistants mechanic in Rudiger Dorn’s Istanbul¬†(that won the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2014). In that game, you have a stack of assistant discs that you...