A fun idea I had lately was to take existing games that were considered to be generally bad, and see if you could re-imagine them to be better. One such example was for Battleships – the tactical and deductive elements could make for a really fun game, if only it weren’t determined so much by luck! So how would you make an improved version of the game?


Day 72: Battleships 2.0

You would keep the form of the game, but instead of pegs being put into a board, you could give each player dry erase markers. This is because you might be able to introduce ship movement into the game, and players might have to change what they think about each space. The ships could be represented by dry-erase tiles, which are marked with crosses as various parts of them are hit. The basic gameplay is similar, with players calling out coordinates each turn, and their opponent saying whether they have hit or missed one of their ships. Once all spaces of a ship have been hit, then the ship is announced as having been sunk.

What is added to this is that each turn, before or after announcing where you are targeting, you can perform an action with one of your ships. Each ship has a different action, and can only be used if that ship is still intact.

Example actions could include moving a ship 1-2 spaces in a straight direction, scanning a 2 x 2 set of squares in the opponents board (where they have to say how many of those squares are occupied by a ship), or air strike (a once in the game action from the aircraft carrier, which attacks 3 spaces in a straight line).


Hopefully the use of actions adds a bit of strategy to the game, and makes it more interesting to target certain ships at different points in the game. I have the sneaking suspicion that this sort of thing has been done already with Battleship, but I can’t remember what the name of the new version. What other classic games would you like to see remade?