Today’s Pobble was a little bit strange: a sink full of small people appearing to have a pool party. Reading on, the story goes that these little people come out to play once the human owners of the house leave (ala Toy Story). I must admit I wasn’t struck with much inspiration, so this one is going to be a bit of a stretch (and it’s almost midnight, so I need to get this done!).


Day 84: Little People in a Big World

The idea would be that you have a small family of characters, represented by meeples, and they are trying to explore a house of larger, human-sized objects. These would be represented by tiles of various shapes matching the objects (for example, a lounge chair, a table, etc). These would be placed around the central play area.

Essentially there would be a number of different goals that you would have, such as climbing onto a particular part of the furniture, or interacting with it in some way (for example, turning the television on). These ‘tests’ (climbing onto something, pushing a button) would be represented symbolically on the tiles themselves.

On a player’s turn, they could attempt one of these tests, and if they were successful, they would get the corresponding result (for example, if they were successful with climbing, they could place a meeple on the corresponding part of the object). The tests are where the heart of the game is though. They would involve doing a similar thing with the meeple in your real house or playing area. For example, if you were trying to get up onto a chair, then you would have to perform the same manoeuvre with a real chair, such as lying on your back next the chair, and throwing the meeple onto the chair while lying down, and managing it to successfully land and stay on the chair. Or you might have to throw your meeple at the television and hit the on button.

In any case, it is a game that hopefully gets you to imagine the best way to interact with a world that is much bigger than what you are used to!