Today’s Pobble was a bit odd really, a photo of some children looking at an egg-shaped moon. Seeing as I already did an astronomy themed idea earlier this week, I thought I would try a different tack – what can you do with eggs?


Day 83: Don’t leave the nest!

My idea is a light dexterity game, somewhat inspired by Brain Games recent release Ice Cool. This game had amazingly made penguins you had to flick, and the physics of their motion meant there was a definite learning curve to master in the game. 

In this game, players are mother birds trying to get their eggs safely back into the nest after they have fallen out. Each player would have a number of wooden or plastic eggs in their colour, and they would have a realistic shape to mimic their non-linear motion. A number of nests (cardboard half circle) are spread across the table, and the players choose a common place to roll their eggs from. 

Play is simple: each player takes it in turn to roll one of their eggs from the starting spot, or from where it is currently on the table. If you get it into a nest, remove that nest and the egg into your score pile. The first player to score all of their eggs wins!

Some nests would have their entrances not exactly aligned with the rolling spot, hopefully encouraging players to try interesting curved rolls. If the eggs are done right, it could be fun!