I wrote this idea down sometime in the middle of the night, so I have quite forgotten the inspiration for it! But hopefully it could be an interesting geographical action selection style of game.


Day 77: Cogs in the Machine

A common board holds a number of discs, which touch at their cardinal points (and as such are arranged in a grid). Each quadrant of each disc is a different colour, and at the centre of each disc is a symbol which depicts an action or a resource, or something else that the player can either obtain or do.

On a player’s turn, they can either place a new disc on the board, activating its action, or they choose a disc already on the board to activate. In either case, once they have taken the action with that disc, they rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, and then they check if any of its quadrants have a matching colour as an adjacent quadrant on an adjacent disc. If this is the case, those discs are activated (giving the player its action), and then are rotated 90 degrees, checking again for matching colours to activate even more discs.

Once no more discs can be activated, it is the next player’s turn.


This could quickly become a little crazy, so potentially you might need some mechanic to ‘turn off’ discs so they can no longer no activated or turned. Perhaps the disc you choose to activate at the start of your turn is turned face down, and cannot be used again? Or potentially a player can claim the disc for some later use or scoring. Definitely seems this game has the potential for some pretty serious AP though – how do you think you can alter the game to counter that?