Walking through bookshops is a really good way to come up with interesting new themes for games, as was the case when I was strolling through Waterstones in Cambridge last week…


Day 75: Pigments

There is a very rich history of the discovery of different materials and pigments that have been used in art and industry over the course of civilisation. In this Euro-style game, players play master artists and traders in the 17th and 18th centuries. They open up new trading routes to the New World, as well as within in Europe, trying to bring the best new compounds to be able to supply painters with new sources of colour. Players can also liaise with scientists to try and develop new synthetic colours.

At the same time, players are trying to complete artworks demanded by patrons, scoring extra points if they are able to paint with new colours (or potentially paying less to make the painting if they were able to secure a more lucrative source of pigments). The player who best balances securing the pigments themselves, and then uses them to the best effect, will win the game.


I really am quite intrigued by the history of coloured pigments and dyes, and such a game could certainly give new meaning to the ubiquitous coloured cubes in every eurogame! What do you think you would add to a game with this theme?