Apologies for the lack of posts over the past week – I was travelling in Poland and the Czech Republic and have had sporadic, if any, access to the internet. Despite this, I remain committed to posting one idea per day, and that is why you might find a higher concentration of posts over the next few days as I try to catch up. They may be short and sweet, but hopefully they will still be thought provoking!

First up is an idea that could continue on from the kind of theme of mine and Chris Marling’s upcoming game, The Empire Engine – cogs and rondels!


Each player has two rondels in front of them, of different sizes (say 4 and 5 spaces respectively). Each turn, the two rondels can be moved up to 2 steps, however they rotate together in opposite directions (much like interlocking cogs). Therefore, the actions that a player is choosing from the two rondels are linked – and once a player has decided how far to move the rondels they take the selected actions on both rondels.


This is a rather simple idea, but leads to some interesting decisions. As long as you choose the two rondels to have a number of spaces that have no common denominators, as you rotate the rondels you will generate every unique combination of actions, meaning that over the course of a game each player might only see each combination at most once.

Also, you could imagine this game could have the two rondels as common to all the players, if you wanted something a bit more interactive. You would lose the nice planning and strategy element in this version though – which do you think would be better?