Uwe Rosenberg has developed the idea of a production wheel recently, most notably in games such as Ora et Labora and Glass Road. Essentially it is an easy way to track the production of many different resources on a regular basis, and to work out how many to take when you are harvesting a particular type of resource. I was wondering whether you could apply something similar to an action selection game…


Day 73: Action Wheels

Essentially this is a mechanism that would sit in a larger action selection Euro-style game. Each player would have a wheel in front of them, with various numbers printed on each of the spaces. These would not be linear as you go around the wheel – it could be something like 0,1,1,2,3,5,8 etc. Each player would place a number of tokens on the first 1 space equal to the different actions in the game (say 5 or 6). On a player’s turn, they take two actions, which each involve taking a piece and moving it all the way back to the one space, and getting to take the corresponding action a number of times equal to the number printed on where the token was.

Once a player has taken both actions, and moved two tokens back to the lowest space (0), then they would rotate their wheel so that all the tokens would move into a higher numbered space (and the two tokens that were on the zero space would now be on the 1 space). As players take more turns, they could try and get a particular action into a highly numbered space so as to be more efficient and take that action more times.


I think this could be a neat way of representing this idea of saving up for better actions – you could also have various ways to manipulate the tokens to your benefit. Furthermore, this idea could be combined with a similar idea I wrote about before where you have various buildings around the wheel that trigger whenever the zero space reaches them. A small idea, but potentially quite a neat way to represent what a player can do on their turn. Do you think it is an interesting central idea for a game?