Today’s idea is a very small mechanic that is a variation of open drafting of resources, where you are picking from groups of similar objects. I seem to keep making games that use different drafting mechanisms, perhaps because they balance simplicity with meaningful competitive choices (at least I think so!).


Day 70: Odds and Evens

Split the objects that are to be drafted into groups of three, with the number of groups equalling the number of players. Beginning with one player, they can choose a single item from one of the groups. Each other player continues to do this, but can only take a single item from a group that still has three things.

Once this is done, all the groups will have two items in them. Going in the opposite order to the previous drafting, each player chooses to take both items in one of the groups, with the player who chose first initially getting last choice in this round. Each player will therefore end up with three items.


This mechanism balances the risk of leaving at item you really want for later with the potential reward of being able to get another good item with it in the second round. I’m not exactly sure how much depth is in this choice, but it would certainly be interesting to find out. What do you think? What sort of game would you put this mechanism into?