Once again, today will be a double idea day, as I was playtesting late into the night yesterday, and subsequently didn’t get an idea down.

So the first game for today is inspired by the well known phenomena of degrees of separation, or what is also known popularly in the degrees of Kevin Bacon game. In this game, you have to try and connect disparate actors and actresses to Kevin Bacon only using links using actors that have appeared in the same film. I thought this could potentially be a fun trivia style game.

Day 67: Degrees of Separation

The game is composed of a deck of cards, and each card has several characters or real people on them, belonging to shared categories such as films, books or science.

Each player has a hand of 5 cards, and they are trying to win by getting rid of all their cards first (the deck is split evenly between the players at the start of the game).

On a players turn, they reveal the top two cards of a central deck, and also roll a die which determines the category for this turn. For the given category, the player then has to play cards from their hand to try and join the two cards that were originally revealed through a series of books or films that adjacent people or characters were both in.

They are trying to play as many cards as possible; however they can ask for other players to help if they cannot make a complete connection. Additionally, once they have connected the two end cards, all the other players have 30 seconds to try and fit any of their cards in the sequence (fitting between two already played cards).

Once this is done, all players draw from their personal deck back up to 5 cards, and then it is the next player’s turn. The player to first get rid of all the cards that were dealt to them at the start of the game is the winner.

I have a suspicion that this game already exists, but I thought I would explore the idea anyway. It certainly would be interesting to see how difficult it is, and to come up with some less used categories, such as scientists that worked on the same projects, or historical events that overlapped at the same time. Is there something out there that already does what this game is doing?