Today’s idea is more of a design philosophy, a new direction for games. It was inspired by some comments by Patrick Brennan on the Opinionated Gamers Top 1000 project, which was reflecting on some trends in the top 1000 games on Boardgamegeek.


Day 65: Winds of Change

The concept is to have a Euro-style game, where there are a series of rounds. In each round, only a particular style of action can be performed, or perhaps only a particular location is visited. In any case, the idea is that this action or location sets the tone of the round, and significantly affects the types of actions players can perform (from a much wider range of actions present in the game).

During that round, players can choose to compete for the right to choose (within restraints) what will be the focus of the next round. The game only goes for a limited number of rounds though, and there are many more possible actions or locations than there are rounds. This means that not only could there be growth in what players can do over the course of the game (as they build game engines or gain special abilities), but also the content of those actions within in each round are radically different, and change from game to game.


My thinking with this idea is that this tries to move as far away from the ‘X rounds of the same thing’ style of Euro-game; in this game, discovering what you are able to do is as much a journey as what you end up doing. Hopefully this can make each game feel unique, and players can create more of a narrative that relates to the passage of time through the rounds of the game. At least that’s the idea. What do you think?