First evening at a conference in Durham, so a small thematic/mechnical idea tonight. Mainly inspired for my love of special powers and Euros.


Day 63: Modular Vehicles

The theme would be this insane race around the world, while simultaneously having to perform various tasks along the way. So there would be a race element, where you would have to navigate various terrains, and also an efficiency action selection part where you have to choose where you compete in various challenges (a little like the Amazing Race, I suppose!). Victory at the end is determined by a mix of how well you did in the race, as well as how well you did at the challenges.

The thing tying everything together is that everyone essentially gets a fully customised transport with which to race and around and complete the challenges with. You can choose what type of transport (land, sea or air based), what kind of engine, gadgets, everything. You also get to customise so that you might do better at certain challenges, or be better suited for the race, or a mix of both.

The different elements of your transport would be represented by tiles of various sizes that you overlay on a template (which you also get to choose). Potentially the game could be split into two parts, much like in Galaxy Trucker, where the first part consists of building your transport, and the second part involves actually racing it.


I like the theme, and the fact you could have so many crazy parts for these vehicles. Do you think there is a slightly more specific theme or mechanic that would complement this idea?