Yesterday was quite an amazing day at the wedding, and consequently I didn’t quite have time to post yesterday’s idea, apologies! Today will be another two idea day then.

The first idea is a small theme for a game, based on the plentiful wonderful food that was available yesterday.

Day 61: Feasting

The basic theme for the game is to try and eat the most food at a feast, while trying to not pass out from eating too much too quickly.

Each player has a stamina level, which is a rating of how close they are to passing out from eating too much food. Whenever they eat, represented by food on cards, they have to roll dice to check whether they have a result that is still below their stamina. Eating particularly large courses, or two things at once, decreases your stamina, and makes it more likely that you will pass out.

Food is passed out similar to cards on Biblios (a mechanism I have used before) where on your turn you have to give every player one piece of food, one at a time. Then players can choose to keep eating, or finish their turn. Once everyone has finished eating, they adjust their stamina and roll to see whether they were eliminated.

Once everyone but one person is eliminated, players score points based on the dishes they ate, and the final remaining player scores a certain bonus for lasting until the end. Most points wins!

Potentially the game could also end if the deck runs out, meaning that players cannot simply play it safe, as a more risky player can claim more good cards before the game ends, and no one would get a bonus if the game ends due to cards. What do you think of the game, good idea or not?