I’m on the road again, this time heading to Oxford for the wedding of one of my friends tomorrow. So, there is no better time to think of a game for a wedding!

Day 60: Wedding Dice

Each guest at the wedding is given two dice when they arrive. Their goal is to collect a set of each of the different coloured dice by the end of the reception. One of the dice they have is a generic white d6, which they can never lose. The other dice is a coloured dice.

The trick is that some dice are much rarer than others, and these rare dice are much more difficult to gain in the game. This is because the rarer dice have on average more pips than the more common dice, although every die has a 1 face (so some of the coloured dice have more than 6 pips on certain faces.

Playing the game is very simple. You can challenge anyone you meet during the wedding, and in the challenge you each simply roll all of the dice in your possession. Starting with the player with fewer dice, if any of their dice have a higher value than any of their opponents, they win the challenge and may claim one of the dice whose face they exceeded. The only die that can never be claimed from a player is their white die.

If this doesn’t happen, and the player with more dice beats every single dice of their opponent, they get to claim one of the beaten dice.

If both players have the same number of dice, then both players may claim a die from the other if they have at least one dice that exceeds its value.

The game goes for the whole wedding, and each person gets to take home any dice they have at the end as a reminder of the day.

I imagine it could be fun when you first discover new colours of dice that you haven’t seen previously, and see how powerful some of the rarer dice are. You might even see some players with rare dice trying to not get challenged so they can keep their dice (but it should be encouraged that all challenges must be accepted). Hopefully the game is simple enough to appeal to a broad wedding audience. What do you think?