Sorry for the late post again – fellowship applications are due in approximately 38 minutes, so I was up late getting the last touches done. This first post is just a small thematic idea, with a longer post hopefully coming later today.


Day 59: Keeping the Workers Busy

The thematic/mechanical idea for the game is that every round you receive a certain number of workers with different skills and interests, and it is your job to assign them to different tasks. You want to balance keeping the workers happy, by assigning them tasks that they are interested in, but you also want to be efficient in getting the tasks done as efficiently as possible, and so you want to give them tasks that match their skill set.

Each task therefore has a difficulty, and also several different attributes which match different skills and interests. For every round a worker is on a task, they contribute one work unit, and once a task has a number of units equal to its difficulty, it is completed. If a worker is on a task that they have a matching skill with, they get to add another work unit each round, and if they are not working on something they share an interest with, their happiness falls by one. If their happiness is too low, they stop contributing work to tasks, and you have to give them a rest.


Feels like this kind of idea isn’t particularly new, so I would be interested in any games that might have this kind of mechanic or theme. Thoughts?