I’ve still been writing applications for fellowships all day, so I really haven’t had much time to think of many game ideas, unfortunately. Only two more days and I will be free of all of this! For now, enjoy a small idea for a research style mechanism…


Day 58: Research Tracks

This is a small idea about how you could handle technology improvement, or access to special actions and abilities in a larger game. Say there are five colours of research points that a player can accumulate throughout the game, and various abilities that trigger off having certain amounts of research.

The cost of the abilities requires you to have a certain number of different colours of research points (it doesn’t matter how many), and also requires you to definitely have at least one particular colour. For example, an ability might require you to have acquired points in 3 different colours, and at least one of those colours must be blue. After using an ability, you reduce the level in each colour you used by 1.


Its a very small idea, and I don’t know if it has quite been done before in a game. It is interesting that you have to constantly invest points if you want to use the same types of abilities, but if the specific colours of your abilities are different, you might be able to spend your points more efficiently. Any ideas to bolster this one would be much appreciated!