Tonight’s idea is inspired from this evening’s excellent Boardgamehour discussion (check it out on Twitter, every Monday night 7pm GMT). This week’s theme was microgames, and one the questions was specifically talking about what you would like to see from microgames in the future. One of the things that came up a lot were microgames that somehow fitted together to make a bigger game…which got me thinking. What if you had the same shared world, and the same characters, for many microgames? The characters could appear in a different form in each game, but they would still have the same feel or range of abilities as well.


Day 56: Shared Micro World

This is more an idea for a series of games, microgames, which share the same world, and which all feature the same characters. Each game can have a different form, be it cards, or tiles, or whatever, and play in different ways.

In each game you play for points, and if you are only playing a single game, the player with the most points in that game would win. However, you could play a series of games, in which the player with the highest sum of their scores would be the overall winner. Even more, you could play that each player at the start of the games is allies with one of the characters, and at the end of the games, you add you ally’s score to that of yourself to determine the overall winner.


The nice thing about these games is that you could tell a story about how the characters and the world around them evolves as the games come out, and that the characters could develop and change across the different games. Is it something that you would be interested in?