A little while ago I wrote about a dice game where you would be stacking the dice on top of each other, and taking actions based on the height of the stack. Today’s idea is somewhat a tangent or refinement to that idea (I’m not really sure which one!). I like the mathematical combinations of there being 12 dice for example, and all the different ways these can be stacked one by one. Maybe it could be an interesting action/income system?


Day 52: Dice Buildings

Every turn a pool of dice are rolled – and then players take turns to take an action using the dice. Each face of the dice is associated with a particular action, and when you use a dice for its action, you must place another dice, or stack or dice, on top of it. You then also gain money depending on the total height of the stack. The round keeps going, turn by turn, until there is only one stack left in the middle of the table.

As an alternative to this mechanic (or an additional dimension) the dice could be different colours, and you could gain coloured resources based on the colours present in the stack that you make. Or, you might always have to stack dice of the same colour on top of each other.


This might not be the last time I explore this idea – I really like the way that the collection of dice stacks could grow quite organically. For example, the last move could either be combining stacks of height 9 and 1 (for 10 dice) or 5 and 5, or anything in between! I just need to find a more clever way to use them…any ideas?