Well, I made it to 50 days of ideas! It has been a pretty tough stretch over the past two weeks, between travelling, flying, attending conferences and Gencon, and I have seen the quality suffer a little bit. Sometimes just finding a spare 20 minutes to be creative is difficult! As of tonight, I find myself a bit out of ideas, so I will try my best to come up with something compelling!


Day 50: Milestones

Players are trying to collect experiences over a year, represented by cards. A card may have one or more attributes on it. In the middle of the table are several goal cards, each with a number of symbols for a particular attribute.

Players take it in turns to play one card at a time in front of them, then they check to see if they have exactly the same number of symbols as one or more of the goal cards. If they match one or more, they take all the cards they have achieved (they have reached that ‘milestone’), and then discard all the cards they have played to achieve that goal. New goal cards are revealed to replace those claimed. Then the player draws a card at the end of their turn.

Play continues like this until all the goal cards have been played. Importantly, at the start of a player’s turn they can choose to discard all the cards they have played up to this point, instead choosing to start again working towards a different milestone.


Hopefully the tactics in this quick filler game come from trying to achieve multiple milestones with the same set of cards for maximum efficiency. It should be relatively easy to try out, but do you think it would be interesting?