I’m writing yet another post while waiting at the airport, this time after a very long (but rewarding!) time at Gencon. It was my first year, and an incredible experience. In honour of the last 4 days, I thought I would explore a different style of game today…

Day 48: Gencon Game Part 6

This game is about winning at Gencon. There are many phases, including:

Meeting amazing new people, who really made the experience so enjoyable for me. Considering I was coming to a completely new convention, so many people were so friendly in making me feel so welcome. Before I had even reached downtown Indy, I had already had the pleasure of meeting Rodney Smith of Watch It Played, and David Chott of 3 Hares Games, who are simply awesome people. Thanks to Rodney, David, Patrick Nickell, Jon Gilmour and the rest of the Ohio crew, David Short, Michael Fox (the one and only Little Metal Dog), T.C. Petty, Brian Frahm, Fred MacKenzie and everyone else who just struck up conversations with me while waiting in line; you all helped me have such a wonderful time.

Making new friends in the publishing circles. I had a lot of good meetings with both publishers who I was meeting for the first time, and with some publishers I had seen before. I managed to sign one game , with one more possibly on the way (even though it will be a while before I can talk about them)!

Gaining wisdom from your peers. I had a lot of great design discussions over the convention, especially with David Short (and it looks like we might be working together on a really exciting new project!), Antoine Bauza (who is just great to hang out with and chat) and Bruno Cathala, who has to be one of the nicest and most welcoming people I have had the chance to meet. Speaking of which…

Playing great new games. It turns out the only two new games I got to play were by Bruno – Five Tribes and Abyss. Both were excellent, and for me Five Tribes is one of the best games I had played in the last years, and will probably be in my top 5 if I were ever to do one.


It was a fantastic 5 days, and so overwhelming in a way that I probably can’t remember it all now! But thank you to everyone, especially the very kind and patient volunteers, who made GenCon 2014 truly incredible. I hope to make it back some day!