I’m sitting on the floor trying to charge my phone after a long day at the fair. It was amazing, but exhausting! Also got to try some new games, most notably Five Tribes, the newest release from Days of Wonder by Bruno Cathala (which was amazingly good). So…what can today’s game idea be…hmmm.

Day 45: Gencon Game Part 3

Each player has a family of 4 people (2 parents, 1 child and 1 grandparent) who are all on the same boat. This boat is crossing a very choppy ocean, and the object of the game is for your family to outlast all the other families passing out due to seasickness.

The boat is broken up into many different rooms, each with different effects. For example, if you are on the deck, you suffer less from nausea from the waves, but have the chance of getting wet and catching hypothermia and dying. Or if you are on the bridge, you get to see what waves might be coming.

Each round, players take 3 actions, which can be moving family members to new locations on the boat, or resting to recover some stamina. Once all players have acted, the next ocean card is revealed, showing the wave level, which impacts the relative sickness of all people on the boat depending where they are. Each player adjusts the health their family, removing any members who have fainted. The last family standing wins.

You could have some nice thematic elements, such as locking doors behind you to stop other people getting to the better rooms, or special abilities such as a doctor being able to heal people. It’s a quick idea, but a fun theme. What would you do with it?