So, I have finally arrived at Gencon!! I started with an early flight from Montreal to Toronto, and who should I meet when I got the gate at Toronto – Rodney Smith of Watch it Played, and Eric Lang (yes, that Eric Lang!!!!). It felt like the con had started before I even got to Indy.

Today’s game is inspired by what happened once I got to Indianapolis airport – I tried to withdraw some money from an ATM, but once I got there I realised I had completely forgotten my PIN number. After entering a wrong number a couple of times, I promptly got locked out of my account. Ah well…

Day 44: Gencon Game Part 2

This is a 2 player deduction game. One player is trying to guess a sequence of numbers, while the other is trying to outwit them.

On the table is a 3 x 3 grid of numbers 1-9. One player draws a card with a 4 number sequence on it. The other player is trying to guess this exact sequence (which might contain repeated numbers) in 10 turns or less.

On a turn, they guess a sequence, placing tiles corresponding to that sequence on the side of the table. If they are completely correct, they win, and gain points equal to the number of rounds they have left. However, if they are wrong, then the other player must mark each of their numbers with another tile. For each number, they can say either that it is in the right or wrong column, or the right or wrong row. They have complete choice over this, but whatever statement they say about the number must be correct (for example, they cannot say a number is in the wrong column if it is in the right column).

The rounds keep going like this, until either 10 rounds are over, or the first player gets the sequence completely correct. If the sequence is unsolved, the player not making the guesses gains 5 points. Each player gets three turns being the guesser , and whoever gets the most points is the winner.


You could also have an advanced version with a 4 x 4 grid, and more rounds to guess the answer. Seems like it could be an interesting variant on a Mastermind- style game, with more interaction for the non-guessing player. What do you think?