Sometimes ideas I have are very clearly based around a particular component, and today I have one in mind – discs. These have been used before in war-style games, such as Warhammer:Diskwars, where they represent units and move by flipping the disk over and over, but in Euro style games their use has normally just been limited to simple markers. I’m wondering if they could represent people, much like as in the wargames, but for a more worker-placement style purpose?


Day 41: Disc Workers

A village is depicted on the game board, with various buildings, fields, woods and other features. Each player has a number of people in their family who they can send out to do various tasks, but they need to get them to the appropriate space first! This is because each person is a disc, and they can only move so far. On a player’s turn, they activate one of their discs (which all start in their family home at the start of the game), which allows that disc to move a certain distance (say 4 moves). Each move involves taking the disc, and flipping it over so that is moves essentially one disc-width. In this way, the disc can travel to a new part of the board. Once it has stopped moving, you can take the action that matching one of the places that the disc is touching. For example, if the disc is touching a building, you can use that building for its function, or if it is touching the forest you can choose to get some wood. Over the course of the game, new boards could be added surrounding the initial board, which offer new opportunities but are further away.

You also can’t touch other player’s discs, so there is some element of spatial blocking for certain actions. There are also ways you can upgrade your workers so they have special abilities printed on the discs which can be triggered at certain times.


It might be a  nice sense of realism that you can incorporate into the game, as you feel that your family members really are walking around the town and performing various tasks. It also means that you have to consider what is the most optimal path for your discs to take, and plan which actions you will take on the way. That being said, the game as I have presented it is set in the usual boring medieval trading world, and could really do with a better setting. What do you think would work well with this mechanic?