A really quick idea for today (you can tell I am writing very close to midnight again!). Just a small mechanical idea that I thought could be interesting.


Day 40: Charge Up

Each player has a number of tracks on their player board in front of them, say five. On these tracks are various increasingly beneficial actions that the player can take. On their turn, they can charge two tracks, meaning they get to move a marker one space further up of one of the tracks. After doing this, they get to use one of the tracks; what this means is that they get to take the action where the marker on that track currently is, and once they have done this they return the marker to the bottom space of the track.

In the game you would probably also need the threat that you could lose the progress you have made in one or more of the tracks at certain points in the game, so it isn’t necessarily safe to leave a marker up on a higher space of a track.


This is such a small idea, but I really like the choice of which tracks to improve for hopefully using later, versus choosing which track to use right now. It really needs a theme – maybe a fighting game, where you are charging up various special attacks or blocks – but really I think many themes could fit this idea. Do you think the central choice is interesting enough?