A late night post after a long conference day, so I apologise for this idea’s brevity. Its a fairly compact sort of game, so it should be an easy pitch!


Day 38: Equip Your Cards!

This would be a small fighting card game, with very few cards (no more than 24-36). Each player takes a character card, which has some special ability, and a life total. The object is to gain the most points from defeating monsters.

Each round, players will simultaneously draft 4 cards in turn, with each card being drafted being a different piece of armour or weapon that can be attached to your character. The twist is that every card can be one of 4 different things, matching the four different edges of the card, and when you choose the card you also choose the edge you want to use, sliding it under the corresponding edge of your character card. You can only have one card on each edge, and so will end the round with a single card on each edge of your card.

Then it is time to fight the monsters – a group of cards that was dealt out at the start of the round (probably two more than the number of players, from a pool of 12 or so cards). Each player in initiative order (printed on the cards, can be modified by equipment) chooses to fight a monster, which is determined by your weapons, and potentially a die roll.  When a player defeats a monster, they gain a certain number of points, tracked separately. This keeps going until all players pass, at which point every undefeated monster will have some negative effect on the players.

Then a new round begins, with more drafting, continuing until a player amasses a certain number of points, after which point they win.


I think you could have a mix of very fun effects, and having players try to specialise to defeat certain monsters that have been revealed. However, at the same time, they need to keep an eye on what the other players are specialising in, as if their opponents have a better initiative they will get first crack at the monsters! Do you think this sliding cards under the sides of your character to show them equipped could work?