Today was probably one of the best gaming days of the year for me, and amongst many fine games played I got the chance to play 4 Sid Sackson games in a row (thanks to Rob’s excellent collection and for teaching us the games) – Bazaar, Can’t Stop, Upthrust and Focus. I had only played Can’t Stop before, and I was really impressed by the cleanness of his designs. As such, I’ve been thinking of a simple idea for an abstract game in the vein of his games, although I’m not sure it really works yet!

Day 34: Sackson Travels

The board is a hex grid, with a gem placed on each space. These gems are of 6 different colours, distributed evenly, and throughout the game players will be collecting them. End game scoring is the same as Ingenious, in that you score a number of points equal to the colour of which you have the fewest gems.

Each player has a piece that starts in the centre of the board. On your turn, you can move your agent to another space, moving in one of the 6 different directions. The number of spaces you move depends on what gems are in the line you are moving (looking outwards from the tile you are on). You can always move 1 space, plus you move one extra space for all the gems you have of one colour. However, you can only choose a colour that is present as a gem in the line of spaces you are moving in the same direction as. If there are several different colours, you can choose which one you want to use the bonus of.

You have to move your full movement , and cannot land on other players. However, you may discard gems you have collected from the game at any time to reduce the amount of spaces you have to move. Once all the gems have been claimed, the game ends.

It’s quite late , and my brain can’t quite work out whether this game works or not – hopefully there would be a balance of collecting more gems of a given colour in order to move further, while still trying to collect a diverse set. What do you think?