Today’s post is a little late, mostly due to (still) having a very fun games night with Rob Harris (organiser of Playtest), Katarina (Rob’s wife) and Brett Gilbert of Divinare and Karnickel fame. It will be a quick idea based on my experience visiting Ikea today in North London.

Day 33: Ikea Race

Players are customers in Ikea, who are trying to find all the items on their list and exit the checkout first. The board is divided into different sections (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc), with several face down tiles arranged randomly on aisle spaces. On the back of the tiles are the items that you will be looking for – one in each section.

Each player starts the game with a list of items, and places their family pieces 4 of them) at the entry to the store. On your turn, you can either move one of your pieces a certain number of spaces in the store, or look at both items next to one of your pieces (on either side of the aisle), or look at the map, which lets you look at a tile anywhere on the board. If you find a tile on your list, you reveal it and place your marker on it, showing you have found the item.

You can move through other pieces, meaning that you can block other players by leaving one of your family members in a vital aisle. Once you have found all your items, you then have to get all your pieces to the exit, and the first player to do this wins!


It’s a quick idea, but it is still missing a twist, to make the movement interesting. Maybe you only have to find a certain number of items on your list, but not all, meaning you have to decide when to call it a day and head to the exit , and hope you have enough points from the items you did find. The blocking and movement of your pieces should be key, and the board should have narrow aisles and pinch points to make this interesting. Anyway, what do you think? What could be added to make this game special?