Well, I’ve made it to the second month of the Game a Day series, and despite some near misses (and some midnight posts) I’ve managed to get an idea out each day…only 11 months to go (!). Today’s idea is a small mechanical dice one, which comes with the familiar hunch of having seen it before in some other game…
Day 32: August Dice

In the game each player has a set of agents numbered 1 through 6 (matching die pips) and 1 wild agent. On your turn, you take the pool of 5 dice and roll them with up to 2 rerolls Yahtzee style. With this final dice result, you use one of your available agents to perform their action a number of times equal to the number of dice you rolled with matching value. Once you have used the agent it is placed in front of you, and cannot be used again until it returns to your hand.
The wild agent allows you to use any one dice for the action matching it’s agent, and then you return all of your agents to your hand, including the wild agent.


There is definitely inspiration from games such as Mission Red Planet and Vegas, hopefully with a nice twist owing to the interaction with the dice.
You would probably need some element of racing for certain numbers, so that players might be inclined to claim a lesser result (with fewer dice of the matching value) just to beat their opponents. What I am lacking is any sort of action framework or theme – and would welcome any ideas in that direction!!!

At this month milestone, it would also be great if any of you could let me know what would like to see more of in the series, whether it is more video to tabletop game conversions, or theme first games, or mechanical ideas. If there is anything I can improve, please let me know! Thanks for sticking with me for this far.