I’m writing this after a long few days moving house, and without a lot of inspiration – so how about a moving house game?

Day 31: Moving House

Each player is trying to manage their collection of furniture in their house, to maximise how much stuff they can fit in their house, while still making it liveable.

Each player has a unique floor plan in front of them, with several different rooms (bedroom, living room, and hallway). The floor plan is made up of squares, with some features such as doors and power points already on the plan.

Using a mechanism similar to that in Take It Easy, each player has the same collection of possessions, represented by tiles of different shapes. Over the course of the game, one tile at a time will be drawn out of a bag, and then each player will have to place their corresponding piece on their plan somewhere. They can also choose to place the item into storage instead, off the board, but won’t get to score the piece.

The game ends when a certain number of items have been drawn out of the bag, and not every item will come out. Then the players score points based on their layout, and how well they did in certain categories. For example, the player who placed the most fun things (games, tv) in their house gains the entertainment bonus. Every appliance that needs electricity not adjacent to a power point loses points. Having a balance of furniture in each of the room scores points based on how even that balance is, and so on.

There is also the potential for goals to be revealed from a deck of cards that all the players are fighting over. These could be different each game (like Kingdom Builder) to add variety.

It’s a quick idea, but I quite like the sound of it – you could have some fun art, and a nice feeling of customisation as you choose what to keep in your house, and where to place it. The different floor plans could suggest different strategies as well. What do you think?