We went to a fantastic crepe restaurant last night, where I got to try some new combinations I had never seen before – poached apple and black sausage anyone? (It was absolutely delicious). It got me thinking about running a crepe restaurant, having to continually make crepes while doing everything else you needed to do – serving customers, preparing other ingredients, and so on. Sounds like a game to me!

Day 26: Crepe Restaurant

Each player is running their own one-man crepe restaurant, at which they have to seat customers, prepare ingredients, and of course make the crepes – all at the same time! Their restaurants are all clustered around a square in Paris, where various people, couples and families will be coming along looking for some food, and they are competing to gain the most money by serving the customers the most efficiently.

There are no rounds, and each player just takes one action at a time. Central to the game is a dieal, which each player has in front of them. This dial is divided up into 8 sections, and turns to show how the crepes are doing as you start to cook them. For example, one action a player can take is to start cooking a crepe – to do so they place a crepe token next to the ‘1’ space of the dial. At the beginning of their turn, they rotate the dial one space anticlockwise, and now the crepe token will be next to the ‘2’ space, denoting that it is still cooking. The ‘5’ space is when a crepe is done, and as long as it is served from the 5 or 6 space the crepe is considered hot and ready. If the crepe stays on the dial to the 7 or 8 space, it gets progressively colder, and you will lose points if you serve it to customers.

Other actions you can take include preparing ingredients which you can put on the crepes once you make them – cheese, ham, spinach and the like. One action lets you make up to 3 ingredients, which you keep in your supply. When you serve a crepe, you can choose to put certain ingredients on it in order to improve the points you gain from a customer. Speaking of them, it takes an action to take a customer from the common square and place them in your restaurant. Players are all taking from the same area, so you have to time when you want to take a customer lest another player gets the one you want! You have limited space (say, only 3 tables) so you need to make sure you serve them quickly in order to free up more space for others. Customers have a base point value, which also defines the number of crepes they want – a family might want 3 whereas a single person might only want 1 crepe. They also have some ingredients that they particularly like, and for each of these ingredients on the crepe they receive, you gain 1 bonus point. If you satisfy them all at once, you get additional bonus points as well.

Once the customers run out, the players can serve who is left in their restaurant, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!


I’m not sure how the game compares to something like Wok-Star, but it seems like it could be a fun light game, which moves pretty quickly. The balancing of your customers and cooking the crepes in time seems like it could be quite interesting. What do you think?