A very quick idea – from Paris! I arrived here just this afternoon, and will be trying to post some quick French-related game thoughts.


Day 25: Bells of Notre Dame

The players represent the abbots and builders responsible for the construction of the bell tower in Notre Dame cathedral. There are many different bells of different sizes that need to be constructed, with the larger bells of deeper notes needing more materials to make than the smaller bells.

Throughout the game, players will gather resources to build these bells, and also attempt to play new pieces of music on the bells as they are constructed. Different pieces of music require different combination of bells to be completed, and once all the necessary bells are done, the piece of music can be played. The player who contributed most to the music (by being responsible for constructing the most of its constituent bells) gains the most prestige in a majority style scoring. They also need to choose where the bells will be placed (in which belltower), with placement in different spots gaining different awards.


I must admit this game doesn’t quite have the mechanical hook I would normally want in a game idea, but I do quite like the idea of the music being the communal goal that the players are trying to work towards. There is a nice thematic arc to the game, but it definitely needs to be backed up with some better mechanics – any ideas?