I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of various re-implementations for different digital games. Today the game of choice was Candy Crush, and its numerous relatives – essentially games where each turn you switch two adjacent items in the grid, with the hope of making new vertical or horizontal lines of similar items. Is it feasible to create an analogue version of this, with tiles? It would be interesting if you could somehow make a two tiered board with columns (a bit like the mine shaft in Gluck Auf/Coal Baron), so that you could slide the tiles down from the top to replace ones that have been claimed by the players. I was actually thinking of this being a central action selection mechanism, with some other game surrounding it…


Day 22: Candy Crush

There is a central tableau of 6 x 6 tiles, with various symbols of different colours. Each colour represents a different action, On a player’s turn, they can switch two adjacent tiles, taking the actions of the two tiles that they switched. Then, if they have made a row of 3 tiles or more of the same colour, they claim all tiles of that colour, placing them in front of them. These tiles could be collected as currencies for being used in game, or as sets for end game scoring.

The tableau is then refilled from the top with new tiles, and the next player takes their turn.


It’s a pretty short idea today – mainly because I have no idea what sort of game would suit a central mechanism like this! Also, I don’t know whether you might need some way to shake up the tableau from time to time, as I imagine the bottom rows might get a little static after some time. Maybe there could be some bonus you get in the game which lets you claim all the tiles of a certain colour in the whole tableau? In any case, any suggestions for theme and overall game type would be much appreciated!