I must admit that I’m not much of a dexterity games fan, but I recently had the pleasure of buying my first such game, JamSumo by Gavin Birnbaum of Cubiko Games. This is a light dice-flicking game with two modes, where you are either trying to flick all your dice through a hole in the middle of a bowl-shaped arena before your opponents do, or you are trying to be the last player standing with dice in the arena after flicking all of your opponent’s dice off. The thing that makes Gavin’s games stand out is the fact that every copy is hand-made out of wood by Gavin himself. In fact, the copy I bought was only the 3rd copy made ever (Gavin is planning to release the game more widely in the near future)! Not only is the game beautiful, but its incredibly fun as well. In honour of JamSlam, I thought I would explore my own flicking game today.


Day 13: Meeple Flicking

A central ‘board’ is laid out, comprised of a grid of 3 x 3 cards. Each player places two of their meeples on the corner card of their own colour, standing up. On a player’s turn, they can perform two actions in any combination, of the following:

  • Use the action of a card which one of their meeples is standing on. Possible actions include: placing a new card on the board from the deck, placing one of their meeples standing up on it; taking the ‘wrecking ball’ (a larger meeple in a neutral colour) and set it up on your home card to flick and try and knock off as many other meeples as possible; allowing you to flick one of your meeples as many times as you want as long as you knock off another meeple each time; switching the position of two meeples and so on.
  • Flick one of your meeples. If you knock another player’s meeple off the board, you score a point, and the meeple is returned to that player’s home card.
  • Stand one of your meeples up (only standing meeples can use the actions of the cards).

At the end of your turn, you also score one point for each of your meeples on a scoring card. You keep playing a set number of rounds, or potentially until all the cards are laid out. At the end of the game, everyone scores one point for each meeple on the board on a card other than the home card of that player. These points are added to the points scored in game, and the person with the most points is the winner.


This is intended to be a pretty light game, and also is trying to make the most of having pieces that you flick that can have two states (standing and lying down). I have no idea how practical it is to have a board made of cards, and perhaps tiles would be sturdier. What do you want to see in a light dexterity game?