Continuing with the flipping theme, today’s mechanic is a small idea for round to round action selection, inspired in part by werewolves, or a sort of Jekyll-Hyde transformation.

Day 11: Transforming roles

The basic mechanism is that what is seen in a lot of different games, that of role selection. A number of cards with different roles are available each round, and players choose them in turn, gaining some action of benefit associated with the role they choose.

In this game, the roles are characters in a haunted village, and if they are not chosen in a round (there are more available roles than players), then for the next round their card is flipped over to their transformed side, which offers a more powerful effect. For example, one person might turn into a werewolf, another a ghost, and so on. The more powerful effect would hopefully encourage these characters to be chosen, much like other games which use money or other rewards to incentivise the choosing of unpopular roles.

A short idea today, but it has certainly got me interested in some sort of gothic-euro hybrid game. The roles could offer a lot of flavour and link well to their function, and make the mechanic of flipping the role cards make some sort of thematic sense. What would you make of such a hybrid game?