Today is just a quick idea, written in between films. It is designed to be an abstract game in the vein of Hive, with tiles of different powers and interactions.


Day 10: Flipping Contraptions

The game is played on a square board, say 5 x 5, with each player placing their home tile in an opposite corner. They also place a 2 markers of their colour on their home tile. The object of the game is to either move one of their markers onto their opponent’s home tile, or to place both of their markers on the two other corners of the board at the same time.

On a player’s turn, they can either place a tile, or activate a tile. Tiles do various things, such as:

Pipes, which let markers travel along them when placed next to a tile with a marker;

Fans, which blow markers back one space in either the same row or column;

Vacuums, which pull markers towards them in either the row or column;

Levers, which flip adjacent tiles, so they might have a different function;

Cogs, which rotate all tiles adjacent to them by 90 degrees (which means pipes might take markers in a different direction, or fans/vacuums work in rows or columns).

Teleports, which move a marker to a different teleport tile.


I really have no idea what this game would be like , but I do like exploring tiles that have functions based on adjacent tiles, or tiles elsewhere in the grid. Would be easy to try though!