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2017 in Review: Games Played


2017 was the first year that I started to use the excellent Board Game Stats app – meaning that for the first time I could look back at the year and have a good...


Lots of news!

It has been a while since I have last written a post on this oft-maligned blog, but there are a lot of new things to tell you about! Good Little Games is reborn Some...


New year, new blog


Just as the start of the new Hobbit film seems slightly out of place, less a beginning than a lingering continuation of something you barely remember, so am I restarting this place for my...


March reflections


I haven’t written here for a while, and I’m starting to see the difficulties of trying to balance writing and actually designing while you have a full time job! But just like the times...


Time to get inspired

If you were to scroll down to the previous entry in this blog, you would see that it was written over a year and a half ago, so I still have some way to...


A New Start!

Welcome to my new blog about board and card game designing, also known as the dumping ground for my numerous ideas and designs in their various incarnations. My name is Matthew Dunstan, and I’ve...