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Day 4: Bumps


In Cambridge every term there is a ┬árowing competition called ‘Bumps‘. It is a relatively unusual rowing race, in that instead of all teams starting side by side and racing to be the first...


Day 3: The Spirit World

I must admit that I’m not entirely sure that the following idea hasn’t already been done…it is one of those things in the back of my head that I can’t remember where it came...


Day 2: The Octopus

This mechanic is in part inspired by a recent advertisement that I kept seeing on Youtube – that of an octopus playing against 4 different table tennis opponents at once (link). Could this be...


A Game a Day: It Begins!!

I recently found (via the good folks on Twitter) the incredible example of Alex Proba, a designer who decided to make and post a new poster every day for a year (you can find...