Category: A Game a Day

Day 44: Gencon Game Part 2

So, I have finally arrived at Gencon!! I started with an early flight from Montreal to Toronto, and who should I meet when I got the gate at Toronto – Rodney Smith of Watch...


Day 43: Gencon Game


Its the last night of the conference, and tomorrow I am heading to Indiannapolis to Gencon! I know things with the Game a Day series have been a bit haphazard lately, but I am...


Day 42: Festival Games


My brothers and I are in the process of developing a concept that we hope to bring to a festival in Australia next year. Given that between us, we have a game designer, a...


Day 41: Disc Workers


Sometimes ideas I have are very clearly based around a particular component, and today I have one in mind – discs. These have been used before in war-style games, such as Warhammer:Diskwars, where they...


Day 40: Charging Up


A really quick idea for today (you can tell I am writing very close to midnight again!). Just a small mechanical idea that I thought could be interesting. +++++ Day 40: Charge Up Each...


Day 39: Penrose Tile Game


It’s funny how sometimes your day job influences your game design brain so strongly that it is hard to think of anything else! I am still in the middle of this crystallography conference, and...


Day 38: Equip Your Cards!


A late night post after a long conference day, so I apologise for this idea’s brevity. Its a fairly compact sort of game, so it should be an easy pitch! +++++ Day 38: Equip...


Day 37: Diffraction Games


Today will be a bit of a brief idea, as I’ve been busy all day with the first day of the conference I am attending here in Montreal (and jetlag isn’t the best thing...


Day 36: Lost Luggage

Today I’m flying to Montreal, Canada, for a conference, and as this is being written from an airport again, that means it’s time for another airport inspired game!! Today it’s about luggage. +++++ Day...


Day 35: The Guilds of Cardstown


As I’m thinking of the upcoming convention season, it’s always a good idea to have a few small card games in your proverbial design pockets, as it is something that a lot of publishers...