Category: A Game a Day

Day 54: Buy or Wait?


Today’s inspiration is directly from my friend Sebastian Bleasdale (of Keyflower fame) and his newest published game, Black Fleet from Space Cowboys. The goal of the game is to save enough money to be...


Day 53: Mancala Card Game


Fresh off playing Five Tribes at Gencon last week and loving it, I’ve had mancala on my mind again. I had previously worked a little on a microgame version here, but this time I...


Day 52: Dice Buildings


A little while ago I wrote about a dice game where you would be stacking the dice on top of each other, and taking actions based on the height of the stack. Today’s idea...


Day 51: Bake Off


I just got home after watching the Great British Bake Off, and thought that it could be quite a nice theme to try in a game, but maybe in a slightly different type of...


Day 50: Milestones!!


Well, I made it to 50 days of ideas! It has been a pretty tough stretch over the past two weeks, between travelling, flying, attending conferences and Gencon, and I have seen the quality...


Day 49: Books and Jetlag


This post is actually a little late – I missed yesterday’s deadline due to a mix of exhaustion, jetlag and my website being down for some inexplicable reason (sorry about this). So today I...


Day 48: Gencon Game Part 6

I’m writing yet another post while waiting at the airport, this time after a very long (but rewarding!) time at Gencon. It was my first year, and an incredible experience. In honour of the...


Day 47: Gencon Game Part 5

Need sleep…so badly. Must write game idea first… +++++ Day 47: Gencon Game Part 5 This is a very quick idea for a dice stacking game. There is a pool of identical dice that...


Day 46: Gencon Game Part 4

It’s been a pretty hectic day here, so only a very short post today, inspired by some conversations with other designers! +++++ Day 46: Gencon Game Part 4 Essentially an action selection game. At...


Day 45: Gencon Game Part 3

I’m sitting on the floor trying to charge my phone after a long day at the fair. It was amazing, but exhausting! Also got to try some new games, most notably Five Tribes, the...