Category: A Game a Day

Day 64: Disordered Tiles


Some ideas certainly arise from my day job – science – and being at a conference over the past few days has certainly seen some ideas born of the new ideas I have been...


Day 63: Modular Vehicles


First evening at a conference in Durham, so a small thematic/mechnical idea tonight. Mainly inspired for my love of special powers and Euros. +++++ Day 63: Modular Vehicles The theme would be this insane...


Day 62: Wandering workers in Istanbul


Today’s second idea is based on a variation of the assistants mechanic in Rudiger Dorn’s IstanbulĀ (that won the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2014). In that game, you have a stack of assistant discs that you...


Day 61: Feasts!

Yesterday was quite an amazing day at the wedding, and consequently I didn’t quite have time to post yesterday’s idea, apologies! Today will be another two idea day then. The first idea is a...


Day 60: Wedding Dice

I’m on the road again, this time heading to Oxford for the wedding of one of my friends tomorrow. So, there is no better time to think of a game for a wedding! +++++...


Day 59: Many Hands


Sorry for the late post again – fellowship applications are due in approximately 38 minutes, so I was up late getting the last touches done. This first post is just a small thematic idea,...


Day 58: Wits End


I’ve still been writing applications for fellowships all day, so I really haven’t had much time to think of many game ideas, unfortunately. Only two more days and I will be free of all...


Day 57: Numerical Cockroaches


I really like the game Kakerlakenpoker (Cockroach Poker) for how it delivers such a fun and direct game about bluffing. I especially like how you are personally challenging the other players to call your...


Day 56: Shared Micro World


Tonight’s idea is inspired from this evening’s excellent Boardgamehour discussion (check it out on Twitter, every Monday night 7pm GMT). This week’s theme was microgames, and one the questions was specifically talking about what...