Category: A Game a Day

Day 84: The Little People

Today’s Pobble was a little bit strange: a sink full of small people appearing to have a pool party. Reading on, the story goes that these little people come out to play once the...


Day 83: An egg-shaped moon

Today’s Pobble was a bit odd really, a photo of some children looking at an egg-shaped moon. Seeing as I already did an astronomy themed idea earlier this week, I thought I would try...


Day 82: Building

Today’s photo over at Pobble concerned building, a theme that initially I found a bit too mundane to set off any interesting design ideas. What’s more, there are already so many different games about...


Day 81: Stargazing

Exactly 2 years after starting this ‘Game a Day’ business, I’ve managed 80 posts, averaging one post every week and a half. So, hardly a game a day!  I was reinvigorated to start again...


Day 80: A Cooperative Gambit


Today’s idea came after watching the play through of Star Wars Episode 1: Queen’s Gambit by the Dice Tower (video here), a rather excellent game that I had heard of, but never actually seen...


Day 79: A Fresh Start!


A very happy 2015 to everyone! I have been meaning to get back to this blogging business for some time (as the original cause for stopping, my PhD thesis, is almost done!), and a...


Day 78: Time Turner


Continuing the long winding road to get back to my normal schedule, today’s idea hinges around getting to ‘do over’ decisions you make during a game, and travel the road never trodden. +++++ Day...


Day 77: Cogs in the Machine


I wrote this idea down sometime in the middle of the night, so I have quite forgotten the inspiration for it! But hopefully it could be an interesting geographical action selection style of game....


Day 75: Pigments


Walking through bookshops is a really good way to come up with interesting new themes for games, as was the case when I was strolling through Waterstones in Cambridge last week… +++++ Day 75:...